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  • 11/46, Chokkanathapuram 1st street, New Vilangudi, Madurai, Tamilnadu, 625018, India


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At Abhaya Fire Safety Systems, we are a team of experts who have a combined experience of more than 15 years in the field of Fire Safety systems installation at various locations all across Tamilnadu. We are committed to standardised quality procedures in building the fire safety systems with a long term view in mind which benefits our clients.

Fire safety is the set of practices intended to reduce the destruction caused by fire. Fire safety measures include those that are intended to prevent ignition of an uncontrolled fire, and those that are used to limit the development and effects of a fire after it starts.

Our expertise and experience will play a key factor in the quality of installation. Abhaya have delivered numerous Training Programs for the in house staff as well as outside fire fighting personnel. Ongoing training is one of our key areas of focus in Fire Fighting endeavour. Our training is in view with the best Risk Management Practices which results in better cost advantage. We at Abhaya value long term relationship with our clients.

Fire Extinguishing System

A fire extinguisher is an active fire protection device used to extinguish or control small fires, often in emergency situations. A fire extinguisher consists of a hand-held cylindrical pressure vessel containing an agent which can be discharged to extinguish a fire. We offer our clients a wide range of fire extinguishers that comprise following types:

Fire Detecting System

We specialize in supplying and providing services for our wide range of qualitative fire detectors. These are procured from certified and reputed manufacturers. Our range of fire detectors is available with following technical and general specifications:

Fire Alarm System

A fire alarm system is designed to detect the unwanted presence of fire by monitoring environmental changes. In general, a fire alarm system is either classified as automatic, manually activated, or both.We offer our clients our qualitative range of fire alarm systems that is manufactured by certified companies.

Fire Hydrant System

Fire hydrant installation consists of a system of pipe work connected directly to the water supply main to provide water to each and every hydrant outlet and is intended to provide water for the firemen to fight a fire. The water is discharged into the fire engine form which it is then pumped and sprayed over fire. Where the water supply is not reliable or inadequate, hydrant pumps should be provided to pressurize the fire mains.

Fire Sprinkler & Hose Reel Systems

Sprinkler is thermo-sensitive quarzoid liquid glassbulb burst actuated type and be standard products from an established firm of repute and standing and approved by an appropriate authority for fire fighting duty. It should be imported only.

CC TV System

In our wide range of fire fighting equipment and accessories, we have CCTV systems that play vital role in identifying the source of firebreak and preventing it to spread further by alerting fire fighting personnel.

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