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American Fire Technologies

  • 2120 Capital Drive, Wilmington, NC, 28405, United States


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American Fire Technologies is a privately owned corporation specializing in the integration of fire protection and detection management and design. American Fire Technologies’ professionals have expertise in fire and special hazard systems and life safety codes. Contract documents are electronically designed and professionally sealed. Turnkey installation includes electrical and mechanical fire systems, testing, certification and NFPA maintenance.

As an American Fire Technologies client you will receive a system that meets your capital needs with customer responsiveness and value added services for cost effective operation and maintenance.
American Fire Technologies is dedicated to high quality engineering and code specific installation. We take pride in the experience and technical expertise of our staff and their creative solutions.

American Fire Technologies is a full service fire protection company that provides comprehensive solutions, service and equipment to clients in over 40 countries. From commercial offices and chemical plants to classified areas and power plants our equipment solutions detect, notify and suppress fires to protect your most valuable assets.

Our complete line of pre-engineered and engineered fire systems include suppression, fire alarm, mass notification, integrated and specialty detection such as combustible gas and flame. We carry a full range of fire suppression systems such as high and low pressure CO2, clean agents DuPont™ FM-200®, DuPont™ FE-25™, Novec 1230, inert gas and dry chemical, foam, and water mist systems.

Most importantly, we offer turn-key design, installation and training services with all of our systems as well as an experienced team of fire protection engineers that can provide consulting and on-site assistance to your facilities around the world.

American Fire Technologies maintains continuous liaisons with manufacturers therefore offering our clients the latest technologies and the best available products. By attending manufacturers’ seminars and continuing education classes on National, State and Local Codes, we are able to assist our clients in the right choice for their present and future fire protection systems.

Our Vision

To provide asset protective services worldwide to the engineered systems market through the integration of components and services.

Our Mission

To create cost effective value and lasting customer relationships and services to meet our customer’s requirements for high-end asset protection markets.

Our Goals

  • Quality and Value
  • Personalized Service
  • Customer Responsiveness
  • Overcoming Obstacles With Engineered Solutions
  • Safety
  • Growth of American Fire Technologies to better benefit our clients and employees

Awards and Recognition

American Fire Technologies works hard to earn lasting customer relationships by delivering quality and value as well as exceeding safety requirements in every project. This dedication to excellence has garnered attention and some awards along the way.

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