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  • Unit 3, Becklands Close, Bar Lane, Roecliffe, North Yorkshire, YO51 9NR, United Kingdom


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Ardent are experts in Vehicle Fire Protection with over 20 years experience as independent specialists in this field.

Your vehicles and plant are integral to the running of your business, whatever sector you’re in. Long hours and hazardous conditions can place these key assets at a high risk of a fire starting.

Ardent take protecting your people and your business seriously. We are committed to providing systems that are independently tested and approved specifically for application on your vehicle and plant. This means that in managing the risk of a fire, you can have confidence in your decision to install a system that is fit for purpose.

We understand what’s at stake should you have a fire on your vehicle or plant, and how the business as a whole can be affected.

Fire knows no compromise. Neither do we.

The Whitepaper

To assist you in your choice of system, download this document which gives a general overview of the components of fire suppression systems and the factors that dictate the design of an effective system.

Why Ardent?

Our policy is to be the very best in everything we do and offer. Some cut corners. We never do. Because we understand that effective protection against vehicle fires doesn’t just save lives. It saves downtime and money too.

We never cut corners – We believe in doing things right. So we take the time to meet you and understand what you need, following a robust process to make sure our solution is as good as it can possibly be. We also insist on using outstanding products and installing them using the best materials around.

We never take short cuts with service – As well as getting to know the ins and outs of you and your vehicles, we’re also available 24:7 if you need us.

We provide expert answers – Our solutions are built on over 25 years experience, so they’re effective, tailored and thought-through.

We’re independent – So we’re free to specify the world’s best products, whoever provide them.

We love difficult jobs – When the going gets tough, we get a call. We thrive in tough, hazardous situations wherever they are in the world.

We know your sector – We’ve spent years working in specialist areas like mining, forestry and waste management, so we know our way around your industry.

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