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  • Bizonve, Galten, 8464, Denmark


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AVK International A/S is located in Galten, Denmark, and manufactures valves, hydrants and accessories for water, gas, wastewater and fire protection applications. We benefit from modern production facilities where an optimized flow of goods ensures the fastest possible lead time, and we are certified according to the ISO 9001 standard for quality management, ISO 14001 for environmental management and OHSAS 18001, the international standard for occupational health and safety management.

At AVK International we specialise in manufacturing gate valves to the DIN standard, double eccentric butterfly valves, ball check valves, service connection valves, Supa Maxi™ couplings, extension spindles and selected types of hydrants and accessories. We add numerous other products to our range from the more than 20 other AVK factories in Europe as well as from AVK factories worldwide. These factories specialise in hydrants and other types of valves and accessories, and jointly we are capable of offering a very wide selection of high quality products at a competitive price. We store a large selection of our product range in our 13,000 m2 warehouse enabling us to offer a great delivery service.

Valves and hydrants for fire protection need to be highly reliable, as they are installed in systems protecting human life. Furthermore, they must be easy to maintain and must last a lifetime, as system downtime for maintenance and replacement is risky and must be kept to an absolute minimum. AVK always aims for the highest quality standards, and the majority of our fire protection products are approved according to UL &FM or VdS, the most well recognized standards for fire protection. Our valves, hydrants and accessories are used in fire protection systems worldwide.

We offer a large range of products for both indoor and outdoor fire protection applications counting dry and wet barrel hydrants, NRS gate valves, OS&Y gate valves, post indicators, wall post indicators, swing check valves and accessories, all UL/ULC listed and FM approved. Furthermore, we offer a range of flanged and grooved end gate valves holding a VdS approval, all of which fits perfectly for various fire protection installations.

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