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Detector Testers, trading and known for years as No Climb Products Ltd, were re-branded as ‘detectortesters’ in 2007 when the ‘No Climb’ name no longer focused on our core activity.  We are the world’s leading manufacturer of smoke, heat and CO detector test equipment and the company behind the highly respected Testifire, Solo and Trutest product ranges.

Our latest product release – Smoke Sabre introduces a totally new concept in smoke detector testing and is the solution to problems previously associated with aerosol smoke detector testers.

Core products are approved by various third parties, from international detector manufacturers on every continent to Underwriters Laboratories of the USA.

Detector Testers Products

At our core are a range of products that replicate the stimuli that fire detection systems are designed to detect, thereby testing them safely to ensure they are triggered in the event of an incident.

These award-winning products have set the standard for the testing of fire detection systems and are recognised as market leaders world-wide.
Detector Testers Global Reach

Our products are in use all over the world, helping protect many thousands of sites across a vast range of environments. They are distributed in over 120 countries, to customers ranging from specialist fire distributors to fire maintenance companies and ‘end user’ commercial property owners.
Detector Testers Innovation

We are committed to ongoing investment in research and development. Having funded ground-breaking work over several decades, we have earned an unmatched reputation within our highly specialised sector.

In addition to our new product development programme, we also invest in our customer and partner relationships, providing service, technical and operational support.
Detector Testers Product Technology

We have patents in multiple countries. Our in-house team of engineers provide cutting-edge design, electronic, software, mechanical, chemical and physics expertise and are unrivaled in our industry.

We conceive, design and implement mechanical tooling, plastic mouldings, chemical formulae, particulate generation and much more.


Regularly recognised by our industry peers, we are especially proud to be the world’s first and only approved ISO 9001 specialist designer and manufacturer of fire detector test equipment. We are also the proud receiver of two Queens Awards for Enterprise.

Dynamic relationships are at the heart of our success. By collaborating and partnering with detector manufacturers, specialist distributors and suppliers – and with our own in house team, we are able to anticipate and service the needs of our customers today and in the future.

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