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Envirograf by Intumescent Systems Ltd

  • Envirograf House, Barfrestone, Dover, Kent, CT15 7JG, United Kingdom


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The Envirograf brand was established in 1983 and it quickly evolved to become a leading force in fire containment technology. Its reputation as innovator and developer of fire prevention products is widely recognised, and its commitment to product research and development is second to none.

Envirograf products carry the hallmark of excellence, reflecting the high standards that prevail in its laboratory, test rig, and manufacturing plant. Envirograf products have rigorous quality control which, at all stages, ensures products remain at the leading edge of fire containment technology. This quality has earned the company and its products a high reputation.

Product Selection

When it comes to fire protection, every risk must be considered to ensure that loss of life and loss of property are kept to a minimum.

While many people are aware of the importance of fire barriers in preventing or delaying the spread of fire, they do not always consider the effects of breaching the fire barrier, perhaps to allow electrical wires or other services to pass through. That is why a range of Envirograf intumescent products has been designed, to safeguard the integrity of fire barriers, whether they are ceilings, floors, roofs, or walls.

Other products in the Envirograf range are designed to protect a structure or item so that it can maintain its structural performance in a fire (e.g. load-bearing steelwork or fire doors). Choosing the correct product is essential. Seals must offer the same level of fire protection as the fire barrier they are to seal. For example, a ceiling with a fire protection rating of 60 minutes needs a seal with a rating of 60 minutes to maintain its integrity. When it comes to protecting a structural item in a building, it is vital to find out its protection rating and ensure that it maintains the load-bearing capacity in a fire.


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