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Facilities Consultancy Limited is a London based fire risk assessment and training company.

With 13 years experience in the field of Property management and fire safety across all sectors our Managing Director established Facilities Consultancy ltd in 2009. He holds qualification in fire safety and management from the Fire Protection Association College in Gloucester.

We aim to help the business community by keeping their life and property safe.

Every business is at risk of fire breakouts, due to one reason or another. Against this backdrop, the preparation you make to protect your business or organization against such risks is very important. Having adequate and professional fire risk assessment and training for your staff, is a bold step to ensure that you are able to minimize risk in the event that fire breaks out in your company. At Facilities Consultancy Limited, we are committed to helping you achieve this goal.

Our services cover, but not limited to the following areas :

  • Fire safety services
  • Fire risk assessments for companies and businesses
  • Fire safety advice
  • Fire safety training

It is important for any organization or business to observe the above conditions to avoid huge risks and related consequences that fire can impose in their companies. However, choosing a service provider for fire related issues is a major concern for many business owners and safety managers. If you live in London and surrounding areas, we can offer fire safety services to meet your expectations. Delivered by qualified engineers who are either ex-fire brigade officials or FPA trained with over ten years of experience, we remain confident that our services are unrivalled in the industry.

Aside from our knowledge and qualifications in fire fighting industry, we are able to provide you with customized fire services including fire risk assessments that consist of various options to meet your needs. We can provide on-site fire safety training and fire extinguisher training, a comprehensive on-site warden training and marshal training, as well as general fire safety services.

You may ask about what makes us different from other service providers. Facilities Consultancy Limited has assembled around itself a qualified and experienced team of risk assessors to ensure that their recommendations meet your needs for fire risk protection. In addition to this, we offer the following services:

  • Comprehensive fire safety services
  • On-going support and guidance
  • Free fire safety advice
  • Wide coverage-London and surrounding areas
  • Free, no-obligation quotation

Fire risk protection is too delicate a subject to leave in the hands of inexperienced service providers. At Facilities Consultancy Limited, we provide certified risk assessment services, delivered by qualified and authorized engineers. This means we understand the fire safety codes and interpret them accordingly to meet your needs. Our goal is to help you maximize occupancy and minimize risk in your workplace.

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