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FFE has designed and manufactured fire detection solutions in the UK for over 40 years. Our talentum®, fireray®, Aviation Fire Extinguishers and Vibration Switches are trusted by installers, distributors and organisations to protect some of the most valuable, prestigious, and strategic sites and assets in the world.

Fireray Beam Detectors

With over half a million units installed worldwide, fireray® is the first choice for installers and engineers looking for Optical Beam Smoke Detection over wide areas. Favoured by architects thanks to its compact design, and by installers and engineers that value the opportunity to speak directly to the designers at our UK HQ; fireray® is relied upon to protect some of the world’s most iconic and historic buildings.

Talentum Flame Detectors

The Talentum® story began when inventor Andrew Broadbent’s father; a textile supervisor, felt that the local fire service was becoming too permanent a fixture in his workplace. Traditional smoke detectors couldn’t cope with the dusty mill environment which resulted in frequent false alarms. This presented a real risk of distracting the fire service from emergencies, or creating a ‘cry wolf’ scenario where the alarm would not be taken seriously.

Andrew knew that the first evidence of a fire in a textile warehouse would be a spark, not smoke, so he developed the world’s first rear-viewing infrared device for flame detection. Able to detect a flicker within 27 milliseconds, it also happens to be the world’s fastest.

So rapid is the detection, and so respected is the Talentum® solution, that the BLOODHOUND Project to set a new land speed record of 1000mph has selected Talentum® as its flame detection device.

Like the BLOODHOUND Project team, we’re ambitious and we don’t believe in standing still. Talentum® is ever-evolving and new features, such as a Testing Air Purge kit for exceptionally high dust environments, are already being planned. With Talentum® you’re kept one step ahead of risk, and your sites and assets are kept safe.

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