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Firecom Company launches in the market a new and original fire-fighting system that uses a clean extinguishing agent: the aerosol. Our aerosol extinguishing systems compared to the traditional products, offers undoubtable advantages in order of: price, size, weight of the cases.

No more Halons, HydroCloroFluoroCarbons or other chemical dangerous substances for the ozone Layer forbidden by the international laws, but aerosol. The aerosol Firecom is environmental friendly.

Condensed Aerosol: “extinguishing medium consisting of finely divided solid particles and gaseous matter, these being generated by a combustion process of a solid aerosol- forming compound” (UNI CEN/TR 15276-1).

Firecom condensed aerosol is based on potassium salt. Firecom aerosol works trough generators of Firecom. Generators from Firecom are non-pressurized devices which, when activated, generate our aerosol. Aerosol generators includes bracket. Aerosol from Firecom is electrically non-conductive media.

Fixed systems condensed aerosol fire-extinguishing can be used to protect both small volumes and larger ones. They are made of one or more than one unit (generators) of different sizes that can be used individually or in multiple conjunctions. Systems aerosol for the protection of shelter, of switchboards and of power-supply units. Aerosol generators, installed either singularly or in multiple conjunctions can be put into effect in many ways. Authomatically, by a fire-detector system with an alarm threshold and discharge delay, in case of unpeopled areas, otherwise with manual activation of the discharge.

Our aerosol generators are made in stainless steel. Electric activation: 24Vcc. Survellance power: 5mA. Usage temperature of generators: from -30° to +150°C. Firecom systems are in keeping with UNI ISO 15779:2012

We manufacture 3 systems for boat protection. Our nautical systems protect the engine compartment until 30 cubic metres. No toxic, ecofriendly, no damage neither mechanical or electronical system, lightweight and haven’t neither nozzles or cylinders.

Nautical set is composed by 3 systems: aernautical, mare15 and mare30.

Universal kit for vehicles is a complete system that allows the monitoring of developing temperatures anomalies inside the engine compartment by activating either automatically or manually an our aerosol extinguisher generator. The Kit is assembled with pre-cabled wires and accessories for an easy and correct installation on every kind of vehicles.

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