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  • Leigh House, Weald Road, Brentwood, Essex, CM14 4SX, United Kingdom


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Firepro UK Ltd is the UK’s officially licensed expert master distributor for the supply and engineering support of the innovative and patented range of FirePro® condensed aerosol fire suppression systems, and is now represented in more than 70 countries.

Manufactured in fully stainless or red pressed steel enclosures, each Firepro generator contains a non-pyrotechnic, solid bound aerosol compound, based on potassium carbonate, that extinguishes Classes of Fire A, B, C & F, (according to EN2 Classification).

The FirePro® product range has a manufacturer’s certified shelf life of 15 years, is certificated and listed by British Standards Institute UK, Underwriters Laboratories USA & Canada, also KIWA NL.

It is environmentally and ecologically friendly, non-toxic and non-corrosive, with zero Ozone Depletion Factor & zero Global Warming Potential.

Firepro UK Ltd does not install or maintain systems directly, instead we have an established network of approved distributors

In a highly regulated market for products and competency in fire engineering, we deliver first-hand knowledge of fire engineering standards, applications, and in house expertise to support the distributor network, who are suitably trained and certified to design, supply, install and maintain the full range of FirePro® products.

Firepro UK are a highly experienced fire suppression systems company.

We were awarded the official master distributor role for the UK based on our experience and knowledge within the industry, plus a proven record of diligently and successfully running a business to a high level.

We rigorously adhere to all the industry standards and FirePro UK are proud to have gained approvals from recognised certification bodies around the world as further endorsement to our credibility as a professional company. To view the list please click here

In addition we are also members of several key Fire Industry Trade Associations that include the FIA, FPA and IHEEM


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