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  • Street. Traugutt 9A, Grodków, 49200, Poland


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Fireshop specializes in the P.POŻ. and health and safety.

Fireshop deliver turnkey solutions to small and unusual products. From the lights to the fire extinguishers in the specialized media kits. Employees comfortable dress fashionable clothes. We print on clothing. We make signs, fire protection and safety. We produce elements of the fastening system of fire extinguishers, signage.
The theme deals with fire protection since 1992. During the formation of the free market I worked in a factory fire extinguishers. There, I learned all about fire extinguishers and fire-functioning market.

After a year I decided to start my own company offering accessories for the missing fire extinguishers. During this period, I established cooperation betting service fire extinguishers from all over Polish. Since there was no Internet and cell selling was quite a feat.

But it worked, and today we have one of the best deals in the industry.

From 2012, the company offers a comprehensive supply Fireshop in three main directions.

  • Fire protection equipment
  • Working clothes and protection of health and safety
  • Safety marking

Comprehensively – also it means that we produce the missing elements, so that the customer does not have to worry about the implementation of its tasks.

We are flexible. We combine the needs of companies using a wide range of three fire departments. + + Signs and safety instructions.
Starting cooperation with us you can count on a wide range of use in the direction of fire safety, protective clothing and safety labeling of the object.

Products we can adjust the sets, perform signs and printed logo to your company recognizable in the area of ​​your operation.

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