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  • 42A, Jalan Kuchai Maju 9, Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, Kuala Lumpur, 58200, Malaysia


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Flamoff Group has undergone a tremendous transformation growth spurt in the last two years. The transformation, initiated and launched in 2010, had seen the Group undergone its first leg of major globalization phase to bring forth the new concept of “New Fire Extinguisher”. One of the major milestones is the opening of the Foshan manufacturing hub. The newly enhanced factory is expected to produce 10,000,000 bottles in first two years of its opening.

The name Flamoff is derived to capture the essence of the Company’s premier product, the handheld, compact Flamoff fire extinguisher and fire retardant. This product will change the model of the centuries long “metal-cylindered fire extinguisher”, a system where yearly maintenance and periodic training are required.

The invention of maintenance free fire extinguisher can be traced many decades ago mostly pioneered in Canada and Japan. In many countries, the mandatory law of fire extinguisher requirement only restricted to commercial and public places.

Private installation, especially at homes, is something that is hard to implement chiefly due to the fact that the system is costly to maintain and a special training is compulsory to operate the device.

Every year, fire claims thousands of casualties and injures tens of thousands more. Property damages due to fires can cause millions in loses and can even place you in debt. Fire can spread in a matter of minutes and can destroy property and lives.

It is time that you invest in an effective and affordable fire fighting solution, one that is light, portable and is very user friendly.

Our Flamoff Handheld Fire Extinguisher is the perfect fire fighting solution.
All you need to do to create a safe path of escape during dangerous fire situations is to HOLD, AIM & THROW!

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