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FoamFatale Greece Ltd.

  • Filippoupoleos 21, Thessaloniki, 56123, Greece


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FoamFatale Greece Ltd. is a fire and safety company that specialised in oil storage tanks and terminals, sells, services and maintains high-tech fixed foam fire and safety products.

Our goal is to fulfill the highest safety needs of all of our customers and to aid them in controlling costs associated with all aspects of oil tank safety.

The mission of FoamFatale Greece Ltd. is to manufacture the best available technique based on the latest research allowing our high-tech FoamFatale™ system to be sold, installed and serviced to prevent disasters and losses of oil and chemical companies.

FoamFatale™ is nowadays the best available technique in the field of storage tank fire extinguishment. It has significant advantages over the conventional methods:

  • does not require fire water
  • automatic intervention within 5-10 seconds after ignition
  • maximum two minutes extinguishing time
  • long lifetime
  • extremely low maintenance cost
  • Socially Responsible Enterprising

The automatic Self-Expanding Foam system responds immediately after the ignition and does not require any external supply of water or energy to operate.

The extinguishing foam irresistibly overwhelms the tank fire, the fire has no chance to survive.

The fire surface is totally covered in maximum two minutes from the ignition, thus there is no time for the development of environmentally dangerous smoke or soot and the stored material is also saved.

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