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  • Cali Mío, Normandía, Avenida Boyacá, Bogotá, Colombia


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At Fogmaker International AB we have been developing, manufacturing and commercializing fire-extinguishing systems with fogged water for engine compartments since 1995. Our extinguishing system offers unique extinction results: it cools and quenches the fire at the same time that the foam additive prevents it from being able to restart.

Fogmaker is a market leader in fire extinguishing systems for buses in Europe, the Middle East and Australia, with a total of 125,000 installations in more than 50 countries since 1995.
The Fogmaker system is also installed in forestry, meter / underground and Mobile machinery that does not circulate by road.

Activation of the system: as a fixed extinguishing system FOGMAKER needs an order of performance.
This order of activation or activation of the system can occur in three different ways:

  • By manual activation.
  • By means of a fire detection system.
  • Breakage of an element after reaching a certain temperature.

Discharge : once the order of performance is produced, the water is propelled through the pipe network and thrown at high speed and at a very small droplet size (50 microns) through special nozzles.

Projection: the particles of nebulized water are projected from the nozzles; Some of them reach the focus of the fire, while others remain suspended in the air.

Vaporization: the water mist absorbs the heat produced in the fire and turns into steam on contact with the fire, which leads to the suffocation thereof. The water increases by 1700 times of volume when it evaporates and displaces the oxygen of the base of the fire, allowing that in the rest of the enclosure stays with levels of oxygen that do not result suffocating for the people who are in the vicinity.

Reduced temperature: the tiny drops of water that are suspended in the air absorb the heat, helping to reduce the temperature.

Radiation attenuation: the heat transfer between the flames and the fuel is reduced by the water droplets in suspension.

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