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Halchem Lanka PVT LTD

  • 73/15a Temple Road, Colombo 5, Sri Lanka


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Halchem Lanka Pvt Ltd is a leading fire engineering company catering to the up market. It is our intension to provide the highest quality fire engineering solutions as a total package. Design, supply, installation and maintenance are our scope of work.

We understand that fire safety is not the priority in some industries in Sri Lanka. Some of them are considering fire safety only as a statutory requirement. This is merely to meet the insurance and legislative requirements. It is important that they understand the value of having proper fire safety in any premises. This is to protect the property and the people. Therefore the highest standard requirement should be followed when providing fire safety for any premises.

Halchem Lanka understood this and considered as a vital service for domestic and industry. Therefore we harness resources from the Western world, who invest heavily on research and development in the field of fire engineering, safety and rescue. As a developing country, it is important that we consider the highest fire safety standards in all industries. Having that in mind, Halchem was incorporated in 1989 but actual operation commenced in 1997.

It is with great gratitude that we remember the Managing Director of SK Fire Ltd, Mr. R. S. Houchin and the Managing Director of R. W. Munro Ltd, Mr. Bernie Pressland, who extended their unconditional support to establish the Halchem operation. We built Halchem on this foundation.

We have acquired experienced staff, who served many years for Chubb Fire Security Ltd of UK and Angus Fire Armour Ltd of UK. Having the highest quality mentality everyone at Halchem never compromised on quality at any stage. We brought all required standards from British standard institutions and became members of most prestigious institutions such as NFPA of USA and FPA of UK.

Every time they upgrade the standards we bring them down and make use of them for the benefit of Sri Lankan companies. As a result of this, we secured the first international business from the Male International Airport for the supply, installation and maintenance of the total fire hydrant system amounting to 1.2 million US dollars. This excellent job has been successfully completed and commissioned for the safety of the international community and this icon property of Maldives.

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