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High Rise Escape Systems

  • 240 Power Court, Suite 100, Sanford, Florida, 32771, United States


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High Rise Escape Systems Inc. (HRES) was founded by Ryan Alles in 2005. Ryan spent over a decade in the U.S. emergency services as both an EMT and professional Fire Fighter. Frustrated and angered by the events of September 11th, 2001, which demonstrated how slow evacuations from high rise structures can be of the fatal consequence. He created solutions that the average citizen can afford.​

In today’s complex environment it is irresponsible to believe that in times of danger, emergency services will be attainable, timely and equipped to provide rescue from multi-story buildings. In fact, 99% of the world’s ladder trucks cannot reach above the 7th floor.

How High Rise Escape Systems Work

Each System incorporates a Controlled Descent Device, commonly referred to as a “CDD”. The CDD works like a pulley. In operation, a user slides an Escape Harness over them, steps over the ledge and slowly descends at the rate of 3 feet per second.

This speed can be compered to a very slow elevator. As they descend, the opposite end of the cable automatically rises and reloads the CDD for the next evacuee. Escape Harnesses are permanently attached at each end of the cable, however full fire resistant Evacuation Suits are available.

The High Rise Escape Systems Team

Over the last decade we have become an international team dedicated to creating solutions that are adaptable to your individual needs and expectations. We pride ourselves on providing confidential installations, as many of our clients utilize these technologies as part of their family’s personal security rather than a secondary means of fire escape.


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