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  • Wins House, Bentalls, Basildon, Essex, SS14 3BS, United Kingdom


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Jalite Plc was established in 1983 to develop photoluminescent materials specifically for life safety applications.

Since 1983 the world has experienced a number of serious tragedies that have created the need for escape route systems that are independent of traditional electrical lighting systems.

The company’s photoluminescent safety products now include fire safety signs, health and safety signs, safety wayguidance systems, photoluminescent paint, and photoluminescent safety tapes. All these Jalite component products are used to illuminate, identify and locate emergency equipment in power loss situations.

Jalite Products are sold via a network of authorised distributors and the Jalite Authorised Distributors work within specific architectural markets.

The Jalite Authorised Distributor may:

  • Maintain and supply fire fighting equipment to offshore oil exploration installations.
  • Maintain or supply life safety equipment and appliances on board ship, merchant vessel, ferry or cruise liner.
  • Maintain and supply emergency life saving equipment in industrial, commercial and retail premises with responsibility for first aid facilities.
  • Maintain and supply emergency lighting systems for aircraft or trains.

The market for these products are so wide and diverse that we even have a reseller of our products for location of emergency medicines and medical equipment at night or in power failure conditions. Jalite continue to develop product for specific life saving applications.

Fire Safety Communication

The loss of power and illumination in the event of an emergency can cause panic and confusion for the evacuee. Jalite products, when used effectively to locate, identify and instruct on all aspects of fire safety management, can make a major difference in an emergency situation.

Health & Safety Signing

Health & Safety at work is the responsibility of all personnel within a working environment. The prevention of accident, injury or harm to an individual is the responsibility of managers, owners and/or occupiers. The provision of Health & Safety signing is vitally important to the process of ensuring that the individual is aware of the risks involved in a process and the measures to be taken to ensure safe working practices.

Jalite safety signs are designed to conform to the relevant Domestic and International Standards.

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