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With Mainstream Dry Hydrants installed in your lakes, rivers, ponds and cisterns you will have fast easy access to a water supply all year long. Fill your tankers quickly and keep them rolling!

No more wrestling with heavy portable pumps and long hose lays over rough and hazardous terrain.

Mainstream Dry Hydrants Inc. is a leading promoter and supplier of top quality, dry fire hydrant systems for rural Fire Departments. Dry hydrants allow the firefighter and incident commander to get the wet stuff on the red stuff faster and safer than by wrestling with heavy portable pumps and long hose lays.

Insurance rates, road maintenance, response times and injuries can all be reduced. Public works teams and wildfire crews can also make use of dry hydrants for quick access to an abundant water supply.

Unfortunately some lake, pond and river sites are not suitable for a dry hydrant installation due to excessive lift (vertical lift from the water’s surface to the dry hydrant adapter), run (the total distance from the strainer to the riser pipe), inadequate water depth, bottom composition (i.e. unsupporting muck), shoreline elevations and access limitations. It is strongly recommended that a site assessment be performed prior to proceeding to the installation stage. Mainstream Dry Hydrants offers detailed site assessments complete with depth checks and drawings. Please contact us for more details and pricing.

Maintaining the Fire Underwriters Survey “Superior Tanker Shuttle Service, equivalent to hydrant rating classification” can give your rural home and business owners located within 8 km’s. of a fire hall and 5 km.s from a dry hydrant 10-25% off their fire Insurance. The requirements of hydrant rating classification are to supply water within 5 minutes of arrival on scene at a minimum of 200 GPM and maintain this flow for at least two hours. Dry hydrants can help you achieve this Insurance Advisory Organization accreditation. Property owners should also inquire about a further fire insurance discount if your home or business is located within 1000′ of a dry hydrant installation.

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