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OnGard LLC provides easy, cost-effective, low maintenance fire suppression systems for speciality applications for speciality applications such as “clean agent” systems for computer racks and server rooms. We also develop innovative solutions and customized training to help mitigate the risks associated with new technologies such as the lithium batteries in electric vehicles.

For over 25 years, OnGard LLC’s experts have assisted other fire industry professionals in developing unique, cost effective solutions for perplexing problems. From the U.S. Capitol, collections of Ferrari’s, historical buildings, atomic waste disposal, the London Subway, engine test cells, computer rooms, record storage rooms, hazmat storage and other applications the world over; OnGard LLC’s has assisted fire experts in solving difficult suppression issues.

Lithium Ion Batteries

Lithium ion batteries are found in nearly any type of portable electronics including cell phones, tablets, and laptop computers. What you may not realize is that these batteries can pose a significant fire hazard of improperly stored or handled and conventional fire protection systems can’t extinguish these battery fires. When you and your organization are involved with the TESTING, TRANSPORT and /or STORAGE of LITHIUM ION battery technologies; you should consider (and call) a company with the knowledge and experience to help you properly manage the risk.

Computer Rooms

Traditional fire suppression systems can damage sensitive electronic equipment and cause your important data to be permanently lost. Most chemical systems must be custom designed and assembled on-site. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to protect your important IT infrastructure from a fire that didn’t cost a fortune? What if your fire protection could scale with your infrastructure and even be moved to a new location with minimal effort and expense?


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