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Pyroplex Limited

  • The Furlong, Droitwich, Worcester, WR9 9BG, United Kingdom


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Pyroplex Ltd has a worldwide reputation as a leading manufacturer and supplier of high performance Fire Containment Systems.

All our systems are supported by international testing and certification, and hold third party approval under internationally recognised schemes.

We manufacture high performance intumescent strips for use in timber doors, composite doors, metal doors and glazing systems. We offer a range that covers fire resistance periods of up to 90minutes. In addition to fire performance we offer solutions with added smoke control and complimentary acoustic characteristics.

When it comes to effective fire containment we are aware that fire doors are one element in a much larger product portfolio. Therefore we manufacture and test an extensive range of construction related fire containment products. Our range covers solutions for linier joint sealing and penetration sealing, offering CE Marked pipe collars and wraps and fire rated acrylics and silicones.

All Pyroplex systems are endorsed by the Pyroplex brand, guaranteeing architects, specifiers and installers that Pyroplex Fire Containment Systems have been tested and approved to the highest possible standards. This includes third party approval through leading schemes such as CERTIFIRE and IFCC.

We also provide a custom design and manufacturing service to meet the needs of specific fire door designs and fire containment systems. We can advise on appropriate types of testing and the use of our onsite test furnace for indicative tests, prior to full scale testing at accredited test houses.

Pyroplex has a comprehensive coverage of the UK through a distribution network and the multilingual Worldwide Service Centre provides the export markets with the complete service.

Pyroplex take an active approach to fire protection both in terms of commitment to new product development and collaboration with UKAS accredited test houses worldwide to develop an ongoing international testing program. We have an onsite indicative furnace for new product development projects and to assess compliance against general standards on an ongoing basis.

We hold third party approval for our range of products through schemes such as Certifire and IFC certification. Third party approval provides confidence that Pyroplex products have achieved certification at a higher level than the minimum requirements placed on the market.

Our technical expertise combined with production capability and certification from leading test houses worldwide mean that specifiers and installers have the upmost confidence when selecting Pyroplex solutions.

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