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SC Parafoc Prod Srl

  • Str. Av. Vasile Fuica, no.64, Bucharest, Romania


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SC Parafoc Prod Srl are a Romanian manufacturer of passive fire protection materials including the following.

Protection for metal structures

Fire protection of steel structures can be achieved using PARAFOC – F mortar . This is a non-reactive fire resistant Sprayed Fire Resistant Material , applied using a special pneumatic machines, gunited directly on the support to be protected ( beam , column ) . INTERCHAR in tumescent paint protection is passive – reactive that applied to the surface of steelworks and increase their fire resistance by forming a layer of insulated foam

Fire protection for concrete

The product PARAFOC – F can be used with success for fire protection of the reinforced concrete slabs

Protection for ventilation ducts

PARAFOC F – protection for ventilation ducts – Most of new constructions are crossed by installations, which can be wires, pipes, ducts, ventilation ducts, etc.

Fire resistant walls

The purpose of no load bearing fire resistant walls is to prevent, the fire growth and will restrain the spread of fire to other neighboring buildings or compartments (sections) of buildings.

Fire Doors

Fireproof doors are an important element in providing passive fire protection for civil and industrial  buildings.
Whether the door has one leaf or two, sliding or  wooden  ,  Fire resistant doors,  ensure insulation  fire for 30 min, 60 min or 120 min.
The most simple and practical doors are made of bended steel riveting, and inside there is high density wool, which provides thermal insulation during the fire.
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Fire Curtains

CONECO ‘s fire  curtains are used as fire resistant partitions for separating  different compartments of Fire in comercial or industrial buildings  (shops, warehouses, malls ,etc..)
The fire curtain  contains the following elements:

– Roller shaft and housing
– Sliding  guide lines on each side
– Specialized fabric
– Counter or bar weight
– Control unit or power supply

Smoke extraction systems

Escape hatches are automatic smoke exhaust systems in case of fire. The main role of hatches is to release  smoke, fire gases and heat from indoors (production halls, storage, civil buildings) to the outside of building, in this way  contributing to the protection of life and material goods.

Advantages of escape hatches:

– keeping the fire  escape routes free of dangerous smoke during the fire

Active Protection – Detection

Detection and alarm stations are used in industrial and civil buildings, having an important role in prevention and saving lives and limiting property damage. Detection and alarm stations are used:

– For   smoke detection systems
– For detection of high temperatures in first stages of fire
– In smoke exhaust systems (for controlling electric actuators)
– In evacuation route , fire resistant doors with automatic closure ,  and not least ,for  optical and acoustic alarm  of the fire .

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