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  • Instrument House, 91-92 Shrivenham Hundred Business Park, Watchfield, Oxfordshire, SN6 8TY, United Kingdom


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Shawcity Limited was established in 1976 and supplies a variety of instrumentation for Health & Safety, Occupational Hygiene and Environmental industries.

Within the range are a variety of instrumentation for use in hazmat handling, confined space, leak emergencies, search and rescue and emergency response situations.

Monitors include:

Single and multigas monitors

The ToxiPro is a lightweight personal single gas monitor for CO (Carbon monoxide), H2S (Hydrogen Sulphide), HCN (Hydrogen Cyanide), PH3 (Phosphine), NH3 (Ammonia), NO2 (Nitrogen dioxide) and CL2 (chlorine). It provides continuous display of toxic gas readings, STEL, PEAK, TWA values.

The PHD6 confined space gas detector has the capability to measure up to 6 gases in one compact personal monitor. There are 18 different sensor options making it the most configurable gas detector on the market. A mixture of sensor technology can be accommodated. A Photo-ionisation Detector (PID) is available for VOC measurement, Infra-red sensors for CO2 and Methane, conventional LEL, Oxygen plus 15 different toxic sensors.

PID’s – Photo Ionisation Detectors

The PhoCheck Tiger by IonScience is a (PID) Photo Ionisation Detector for VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).
This hand held VOC detector has MiniPID technology providing the best available detection and software features, and is all ready to use straight out of the box!
Tough, reliability and accuracy make the PhoCheck Tiger an easy choice for VOC measurement. Incorporating patented fence electrode technology to ensure successful operation the PhoCheck Tiger gives you reliability previously unavailable, no need for temperature and humidity compensation using this technology.

The Phocheck Tiger can be used for environmental monitoring, screening tool for first responders, soil contamination detection, VOC’s in landfill sites, monitoring in, confined spaces, general leakage in fuel and chemical storage, general atmosphere monitoring, , VOC leak detection and testing for accelerant use.

The PhoCheck Tiger is now the most cost effective PID for both direct purchase and running costs on the market.

Portable Gas Chromatograph Units

The Accusense Chemical Recognition System enables you to detect, identify, monitor and quantitatively display concentration levels of multiple toxic industrial chemicals. The system does not require any consumables and provides a 3 minute analysis meaning less downtime!

The one button operation means that you can deploy the Accusense very quickly in dangerous environments.

Data can be wirelessly transmitted to your desktop PC or laptop where you can view your data in a number of formats using the Accusense software which is very easy to use. The PC software shows graphical representations for each chemical including concentrations in ppm.

Personnel Tracking Systems

The NAViSEER Personnel tracking System is a small, lightweight and comfortable device that allows personnel to be tracked and located in both GPS and GPS denied areas, such as inside buildings, tunnels, mines and dense urban environments. The intuitive software allows you to construct virtual representations of any scenario with avatar representations. The replay facility can be used for training and search and rescue applications.

Breathing Apparatus

The PosiChek3 by Biosystems is a computerised SCBA test bench which is the industry standard for thousands of fire departments, refineries, chemical plants and nuclear power stations worldwide.

The PosiChek3 has taken automation a step further, making it even easier to use than before. All new Biosystems PosiChek3 units are equipped with an Enhanced Precision High Pressure Transducer that provides more precise measurement of pressure within the high-pressure manifold.

The Shawcity range does not end there, also available are:

  • Portable gas detectors
  • Fixed gas detection systems
  • Ground gas monitors
  • Sound and noise instruments
  • Vibration monitoring tools
  • Gas leak detectors

Shawcity can provide you with specialist advice on which is the best monitor for your application, and can even show you and your colleagues how to use it most effectively through our complimentary product demonstrations and Certificate of Competence Training programme.

Our Technical Support Engineers are based across the UK, and can visit you to discuss your needs and demonstrate how the instruments can help you.

Equipment is available to hire or buy, and we can quote you based on your specific needs.

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