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SK FireSafety Group

  • Huifakkerstraat 22, Breda, 4815 PN, Netherlands


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The SK FireSafety Group is a group of companies that specialise in fire safety products and systems for businesses, ranging from small and medium enterprises to extensive oil and gas installations, IT, educational institutes, telecom, aviation and other high risk companies.

SK FireSafety Group is composed of a well-balanced and diverse range of experienced companies that specialise in one area of expertise: protecting people and investments against fire and other accidents. That is why our group is able to meet your safety needs without burdening you with a lot of extra work. The group has specialised knowledge about each and every market segment. In other words, our focus is on the essential factors: fire, safety and you.

From a business unit structure, existing of the business units Products, Systems, Oil & Gas and Aviation, the SK FireSafety Group can optimally answer demands and needs in all existing market segments. The goal of SK FireSafety Group is giving customers the certainty that they are doing everything possible to protect people, investments and environment against fire, without having to worry about it too much themselves. The group has about 650 employees.

SK has locations in The Netherlands, Belgium, U.K., Norway, United States, Malaysia and United Arab Emirates.

As SK FireSafety Group, we want to assure our customers that we do everything possible to protect their people (human lives), planet (environment) and profit (capital) against fire and accidents, without burdening them with extra work.

The decreasing role of authorities means that fire safety is increasingly becoming a task for companies and civilians. And to ensure that they actually accept this major responsibility, laws and regulations are being tightened at various levels. In short, fire safety must be realised in a more reliable, environmentally-friendly and efficient manner, which means companies will increasingly need to address issues such as education, training and certification.

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