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T.I.B Beveiliging BV has more than 10 years of experience and knowledge when it comes to fire safety

Fire safety of your property and people is a significant investment, you want it to be done properly so that you comply with all regulations. TIB Security BV accompanies this process from beginning to end and relieves you of all tasks connected with the fire.

Advice and Solutions

As the owner / end user it is important to know whether you meet all requirements. Our fire safety check lets you instantly see what obligations under the Building Act 2012 apply to you and you can here see the opportunities and information has to offer TIB Security BV.
PvE Projection System

The Program of Requirements is the basic document for any Fire Alarm / Evacuation System. In addition to a program of requirements, it is also important to have a good design plan that meets all applicable standards but also takes into account the wishes of the owner / user.
Installation Commissioning

When a Fire Alarm / Evacuation System is to deliver and install the most expensive to purchase and therefore important that this is done by an experienced company, to avoid that the installation is not rejected with all its consequences.
Maintenance Management

A Fire Alarm / Evacuation System must be maintained according to the Building Act 2012 in accordance with BS 5654-1 and BS 2654-2. TIB Security BV offers all possibilities regarding the management and maintenance as well as advice and training here.

The Program of Requirements

The Program of Requirements is the most important document for every fire alarm system, where all the information that clarifies the government but also for the customers is the Program of Requirements document which provides clarity and certainty needs to comply and does not later surprises to stand. If an inspection certificate is required then an inspector approves always on the basis of the data contained in the Program of Requirements. For proper maintenance of a brandmeldinstallie is also important that maintenance becomes available to the Program of Requirements.

To us to propose a program of requirements based on the information provided by you that meets all codes and standards are being applied, a program of requirements drawn up by us is rarely rejected this thanks to years of experience to draw a Program of Requirements.

Maintenance BMI / OAI

A good fire / ontruimingsintallatie can only function properly if it is also well maintained. According to Building Act 2012 it must be at least one time annually, according to BS 2526-1 and 2. The customer may always wish to do this several times a year. Let the price level does not determine the maintenance, since the safety of people and your inventory can not be compromised and looking for qualified companies like TIB Security BV it has acquired experience from 15 years and above has extensive experience in servicing different systems.

Fire Safety Advice

Fire safety for buildings perhaps will take care of most of the discussions so vcer from each other that it is very unclear to many people what can / can not. TIB Security has a number on our site TOOLS developed that are in the Building Act 2012 and are valid, in addition, there is unfortunately a large gray area where everyone has an opinion about it. TIB Security BV can give advice to you on the basis of referrals from the laws, standards and guidelines so you know where you stand. TIB Security BV can under Equivalence as permitted by art. 1.3 in the Building Act 2012 apply on other solutions to ensure fire safety.

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