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Lion King Signal is a professional manufacturer specialized in making various signal sirens, PPV fire blowers, rescue air cushions and other safety protection & rescue products.

At present,we mainly produce following products:

Signal sirens

Providing emergency warning of approaching danger, primarily used in Fire evacuation, industrial signalling and mass notification applications. Lion King Signal sirens have four series, including:

1. Hand Operated Sirens – Providing effective warning in applications where there is no power supply

2. Industrial Motor Sirens – Mainly used in industrial environments

3. Large Electric Sirens – Mainly used in Tornado & Severe Weather Warning,Dam or Levee Failure and Tsunami Alert,Military Base Operations,Community Firehouse Alert, College Campus Evacuation ,Civil Defense & Terrorist Alert

4. Explosion Proof Sirens – IP rating of IP55 Exd IIBT4,widely used in fire or accident warning systems of some dangerous area.

Fire Blowers (PPV fans)

Four series are available, including:

1. Electric blowers (Smoke Ejector)
2. Gasoline engine power blowers
3. Water power blowers
4. Air motor blowers – widely used for ventilation at factory building,warehouses,construction sites,tunnel and so on

Rescue Air Cushion

Mainly made of high strength flame resistant fiber,offer a realistic and efficient solution for emergent rescues, such as trapped in the big fire,terrirism attack ,to save high jump personnel and property

Other rescue equipments

Including Line throwing appliance, Tactical Ascender, Rope Escape Ladder.

Provides an emergency response capability without putting the rescuer at risk and offers quick ,safe and reliable access to heights or depths, use in industrial, urban, maritime and remote areas.

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