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The Talentum® story began when inventor Andrew Broadbent’s father; a textile supervisor, felt that the local fire service was becoming too permanent a fixture in his workplace. Traditional smoke detectors couldn’t cope with the dusty mill environment which resulted in frequent false alarms. This presented a real risk of distracting the fire service from emergencies, or creating a ‘cry wolf’ scenario where the alarm would not be taken seriously.

Andrew knew that the first evidence of a fire in a textile warehouse would be a spark, not smoke, so he developed the world’s first rear-viewing infrared device for flame detection. Able to detect a flicker within 27 milliseconds, it also happens to be the world’s fastest.

So rapid is the detection, and so respected is the Talentum® solution, that the BLOODHOUND Project to set a new land speed record of 1000mph has selected Talentum® as its flame detection device.

Like the BLOODHOUND Project team, we’re ambitious and we don’t believe in standing still. Talentum® is ever-evolving and new features, such as a Testing Air Purge kit for exceptionally high dust environments, are already being planned. With Talentum® you’re kept one step ahead of risk, and your sites and assets are kept safe.

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Talentum® Quick Facts

  • Available for indoor and outdoor areas
  • Flame-proof, explosion-proof and high ambient temperature options
  • Internal self-test capability giving the highest immunity to false-flame sources
  • Detects invisible flames from fuels such as Hydrogen and other inorganic fuels
  • Immune to the effects of wind, draughts and sunlight

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