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Vegase Controle

  • 415 Avenue du Garlaban, ZA Plaine de Jouques, Gemenos, 3420, France


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Created in 2004 and based on the experience of its founders and employees, Vegase Controle exercises in the areas of high-risk sites such as SEVESO or nuclear.

Our areas of expertise

  • Safety engineering in gas detection, liquid hydrocarbon
  • Gas detection – Trace – VOC – Flames.
  • Detection of Liquid Hydrocarbons, Solvents and Biofuels.
  • Securing of Tanks, Oil Depot, Hydrant or Pipeline.
  • Risk supervision and decision support.
  • Custom security systems.
  • Environment – Pollution: Monitoring of water quality in retention ponds, generating set, fuel storage

The combination of its expertise in safety engineering, safety instrumentation and industrial computing enables Vegase Controle to design innovative industrial solutions for the monitoring of installations as different as storage, A Vapocraqueur, or a nuclear bag (glove box).

Vegase Controle offers a wide range of solutions ranging from simple spot detection to integrated systems of several hundred sensors with multi-user and multiprofile supervision. Our scope of work includes prescribing, studies, supply, realization, commissioning and on-site maintenance.

Financial strength and industrial dimension

For 10 years, Vegase Controle has built up a financial, industrial, legal and human base, allowing it to approach calmly large-scale projects.
The Vegase Controle company is the typical example of innovative and performing SMEs with a development policy based on the reinforcement of acquired knowledge and the conquest of new markets, whose ownership is directly involved in the operational functioning of the company.

Vegase Controle recorded a turnover and an operating profit in constant progression since its creation. Its management in “good father of family” makes it possible to guarantee the perpetuation of the company and to achieve the objectives of development and research R & D set by senior management.

The knowledge of an experienced multidisciplinary team

Vegase Controle has an experienced and multidisciplinary technical and commercial team. All its members have a solid experience and are regularly confronted with the constraints and reality of the field.
Our operational capacity and our scope of action are vast. Vegase Controle is located in Gémenos and its teams are able to move anywhere in the world.

Over the years, we have acquired the following Safety and Quality labels:

  • Security – MASE for our industry.
  • Quality – ISO9001 for all our activities.
  • NATO Code and SD Habilitation for Military Market

Our R & D development programs

Vegase Controle has a real ability to develop new products. The development of a laser diode trace sensor was undertaken from 2006 to 2008 with the support of the innovation agency ANVAR. This program was stopped following a technical-economic failure. Other developments are still in the making or at the prototyping stages.


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