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Disaster & Emergency Management 2017

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Disaster & Emergency Management 2017 is taking place on 22nd to 25th August 2017 in Singapore and provides an exclusive opportunity for all disaster management authorities and emergency frontline responders to share insights and hear best practice case studies on ways to enhance your country and communities responses for a disaster.

Large scale catastrophic disasters, both natural and man-made as well unforeseen emergencies will result in enormous number of fatalities, displace millions of people, and incur billions of economic damage to countries and organisations and even greater indirect losses that can’t be measured using systematic assessment.

Increased scrutiny around how emergencies and disasters are being managed, in order to minimise their impact have urged disaster/emergency management authorities and agencies to enhance the nation’s disaster resilience effort.

Equip Globals Disaster & Emergency Management 2017 summit will provide solutions/proven strategies to pertinent challenges emergency management authorities face when engaging communities for urban resilience planning and the best practices to coordinate between agencies before and during a disaster incident. In addition to strengthening community resilience, there will be case studies on developing disaster management plans for disasters/emergencies including floods, drought, cyclones, earthquakes, wildfire, industrial fire, collapse of critical infrastructures and terrorism.


Reasons to attend the Disaster & Emergency Management 2017 summit:

  • you will hear from Governmental Agencies, Disaster Management Authorities and Frontline responders like Civil Defence, Police, Search and Rescue Personnel whom are involved in actual disaster management, on how they plan for and handle various types of large scale disaster/emergencies.
  • gain practical insights from actual past disaster-specific case study presentations on disasters like floods, drought, cyclones, earthquakes, wildfire, industrial fire, hazardous materials leakage, collapse of critical infrastructures and terrorism.
  • participate in interactive panel discussions featuring disaster management professionals in building community resilience, emerging technology on managing disaster and constructing an effective disaster response team.

Be sure not to miss the comprehensive pre & post-summit workshops which focus on reducing vulnerability at local levels, lessons learned from previous mega-disaster, risk reduction for flood and preparing for cascading effect of man-made emergencies.



22/08/2017 - 25/08/2017
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Equip Global Pte Ltd
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+65 6376 0907
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