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Advanced TouchControl is Advanced’s first fire touchscreen with a different approach to ensure our users get the performance they expect with a 10 inch screen TouchControl is one of the market’s largest touch screens.

TouchControl is not stuck in a fire panel, adding cost, complication and compromising on performance. It’s a network node in its own right.

TouchControl is a fully functional remote control terminal and repeater, offering full fire panel and network control and reporting.

TouchControl’s unique interface allows users to immediately identify zones and devices in fire,fault, disablement, test or normal operation by dynamic colour-coded status buttons.

For the first time a fire control panel enhances the architecture and interior of a building. TouchControl is designed to look as good as it performs.

TouchControl operates with Advanced’s three levels of user control, accessed via passcode. Depending on the level of access users can:

• Evacuate/Mute/Silence/Resound & Reset
• View fires/faults/disablements/alarms/inputs/outputs/supervisory and network via ‘instant filters’
• View/enable/disable zones
• View/enable/disable devices
• Enable/disable outputs by type
• Enable Walk Test mode
• Test display/zones/outputs/buzzer and LEDs
• Quickly access all zones in fire/fault/disablement/test via ‘instant filters’ and where allowed change status
• View 1,000 general and 500 Fire event log
• Set network time and date

  • Advanced TouchControl
  • Advanced TouchControl
  • Advanced TouchControl

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Advanced is known all over the world for making the best quality, best performing fire systems. Fire Systems are in our DNA. The people that started Advanced are the people that spearheaded modern intelligent, addressable fire systems.

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