Gas Detection

Gas Detectors & Gas Detection Systems

Gas detectors are fitted with gas detection sensors. They are devices which detect the presence of gases within an area, usually as part of a gas detection system to warn about various gases which might be harmful to humans. Gas detectors can be used to detect combustible, toxic and CO2 gases.

PrimaX IR Gas Transmitter

PrimaX® IR Gas Transmitter


Every feature of the PrimaX IR Gas Transmitter is designed with reliability in mind to withstand the most challenging environmental conditions through...

Ultima X Series Gas Monitor

Ultima® X Series Gas Monitors


Designed to provide thorough, continuous monitoring of many hazardous gases, the indoor/outdoor Ultima X Series Gas Monitors offer excellent performan...

UltraSonic EX 5 Gas Leak Detector

UltraSonic™ EX-5 Gas Leak Detector


Instantly detect pressurized gas leaks with this high-precision, omni-direction device. Features advanced acoustic detection technology. Works even wh...

Series 47K

Series 47K


Designed to detect flammable gas or vapor, the stainless steel Series 47K gas sensors offer a cost-effective way to detect hazards in the air. The sen...

GasGard XL Controller

GasGard® XL Controller


Monitor up to eight remote gas sensors with the highly accurate wall-mounted GasGard XL Controller. The sensor's large, multi-language LCD display pro...

Flexsonic Acoustic Gas Leak Detector

Flexsonic™ Acoustic Gas Leak Detector


The FlexSonic Acoustic Gas Leak Detector is the first non-contact gas leak detector of its kind that recognizes unique sound “fingerprints,” analy...

PointWatch Eclipse

PointWatch Eclipse®


The PointWatch Eclipse® Model PIRECL IR Hydrocarbon Gas Detector is our most rugged stainless steel, point infrared gas detector. It is approved to b...

Open Path OPECL IR Gas Detector

Open Path (OPECL) IR Gas Detector


Det-Tronics offers a line-of-sight gas detector for measurement of hydrocarbon vapors in the lower explosive limit per distance (LFL-meter) detection ...

PointWatch PIR9400 IR Gas Detector

PointWatch (PIR9400) IR Gas Detector


The PointWatch PIR9400 Infrared detector offers the lowest cost of ownership for detection of hydrocarbon combustible gases and vapors. It is virtuall...

Catalytic Combustible Gas CGS Detector

Catalytic Combustible Gas (CGS) Detector


The Catalytic Combustible Gas Sensor (CGS) is a globally-approved, stainless steel sensor that is poison-resistant. The Catalytic Combustible Gas Sens...