Beam Detectors

Laser Beam Detecors & Smoke Beam Detectors

Beam Detectors project a beam of infra-red light, the beam detector then registers the light and produces an electric signal. The electric signal of the beam detector is then processed by the detector which generates alarm or fault signals if any smoke or harmful substance distrube the light beam.

The Fire Beam One

The Fire Beam ONE

The Fire Beam Company

The new Fire Beam ONE bridges the gap in our range for an entry level device where the advantages of motorisation and adjustability are not needed and...

firebeam plus product

The Fire Beam Plus

The Fire Beam Company

The new Fire Beam Plus raises the bar even furtherSoon after we launched the original Fire Beam back in 2005 it became the professional choice in beam...

6500 Series

6500 Series Beam Detectors

System Sensor Europe

The 6500S and 6500 are addressable reflector-type linear optical beam smoke detectors, designed to operate as a component of an intelligent fire ala...