Fire Alarm Signalling

Fire alarm signalling is vital in making sure all occupants get out of a burning building quickly and safely. The message to everyone in the building or vicinity can come in different forms, for example a siren or an automated voice message. It is important that all building occupants distinguish the sound of the fire signal from all other noises and know exactly what to do when they hear it.

Alarm paging systems are effective, cost and time saving devices used to alert designated wardens to the specific location of a blaze. A page is sent to the fire marshal to tell them exactly where the fire has been detected in a building, making building-wide evacuations unnecessary.

Hearing impaired alert systems warn people who are deaf/hard-of-hearing of a fire, using their working senses such as sight and touch. Vibrating devices connecting to a central alarm system are effective in alarting the hearing impaired as a replacement for traditional sound alarms.

Fire Alarm Sounders also known as fire sounders are the instruments used to generate a warning alarm to indicate a possible fire or emergency incident. Sounders can be audible or make a general alarm sound.

Voice Alarm (VA) systems are the quickest way to evacuate the public & staff from public buildings and multi story buildings. Automated messages control the flow of people in corridors and stair wells allowing an orderly evacuation. These messages are supplemented by spoken messages from the fire service.

Voice enhanced sounders are fire alarm sounders with the addition of voiced alarm messages developed to assist traditional alarm, sirens and bells sounders.