Mobile Extinguishers

 Mobile fire extinguishers are fire extinguishers mounted onto trolleys for transportation. Mobile fire extinguishers are bigger than portable fire extinguishers so are fitted onto trolleys to be deployed at the scene of a fire. Mobile fire extinguishers are used at petrol service stations and on building sites where more extinguishant is needed. 


PB 100 pic

PB 100

SA Fire Protection

Wheeled dry-chemical powder fire extinguisher100 kg with nitrogen bottle certified according to italian D.M. 06/03/92 - UNI 9492 for extinguishing (A ...

AC 20 Fire Extinguisher

AC 20

SA Fire Protection

Carbon dioxide wheeled fire extinguisherAC 20 is a 18 kg wheeled fire extinguisher for class B1-C fires, charged with carbon dioxide. Improving charac...


Mobile Fire Extinguisher

Angus Fire

Our comprehensive selection of mobile fire extinguishers is ideal for a wide range of industrial applications. Mobile Powder & Gas extinguishers f...


Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers

National Fire Fighting Manufacturing FZCO

Mobile Clean Agent (HFC-236fa) Fire Extinguishers Stored PressureFeatures :    Manufactured as per BS 1866-1 Standards.    Exceptionally effecti...


Mobile Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers

National Fire Fighting Manufacturing FZCO

Options :Carbon dioxide trolley with special discharge hose and horn to use in high reach hazardous area is also available.Special nozzle for aircraft...


Mobile Extinguishers - External Cartridge

National Fire Fighting Manufacturing FZCO

Water Fire Extinguisher Features :    Ready for instant use.    Heavy duty steel cylinder.    Made of special CRCA sheet with Argon/CO2 weldi...