Fire Pump Controllers

Fire pump controllers control the fire pumps that provide the water supply to a buildings sprinkler system. Fire pump controllers need to be well built and reliable so they can successfully operate during an emergency situation or fire.



Eaton Corporation

The DIESEL Plus Fire Pump Controllers from Eaton Corporation are designed to control and monitor 12 or 24 volt, diesel fire pump engines and are among...


FD20 Limited Service

Eaton Corporation

The FD20 Limited Service Controller can be used for motors 30HP or less, driving special fire service pumps where acceptable to the authority having j...


FT30 Transfer Switch

Eaton Corporation

AUTOMATIC TRANSFER SWITCH CONTROLLERSThe FT30 Transfer Switch Controller operates across-the-line where full voltage is applied to the motor for start...


FDJP Jockey Controller

Eaton Corporation

The FDJP jockey pump controllers operate across-the-line. Full voltage is applied to the motor for starting by the use of a single motor starter. Star...

FDM Medium Volt

FDM Medium Voltage Controller

Eaton Corporation

The FDM Medium Voltage Fire Pump Controller is based on the AMPGARD controller design which incorporates Eaton's industry leading TRITON SL Series Med...