Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler systems are active fire protection systems designed to protect buildings from the outbreak of fires by sprinkling water over them. The fire sprinkler systems consists of a water supply system, connected to a distribution piping system that are in turn fitted with fire sprinklers that discharge water as a fine spray at the scene of a fire.

Janus water based fire suppression

Water Based Suppression Systems

Janus Fire Systems

Water based suppression systems utilize the inexpensive and readily available medium of water to discharge onto flames through a normally fixed piping...


Viking Dry Type

Viking Corporation

Viking Fire Sprinklers - Dry TypeStandard Coverage Pendent


Special Response Sprinkler

Viking Corporation

Viking Fire Sprinklers - Special Response Sprinkler


Viking Extended Coverage

Viking Corporation

Viking Fire Sprinklers - Extended CoverageQuick ResponseViking's EC Quick Reference Guide provides an overview of Viking's complete line of extended c...


Viking Standard Coverage

Viking Corporation

Viking Standard CoverageViking sprinklers are available in various finishes for frame-style sprinklers and concealed sprinkler cover plates.   


Intermediate Level Sprinklers

Viking Corporation

Viking Fire Sprinklers - StorageIntermediate Level Sprinklers