Vehicle Fire Suppression

Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems suppresses a vehicle fire in its earliest stages, before it becomes fully established and spreads into highly combustible areas.  Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems are designed with the toughest work environments and as a result, damage is limited and equipment down time is held to a minimum.

BusShield Lehavot


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BUSShield - State-of-the-art fire protection for the millions who use public transportation every dayBus fires pose an exceptionally catastrophic thre...

MilitaryShield Lehavot


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DEFENSEShield - Total fire protection coverage for military vehiclesIt is imperative that combatants be protected from fire in their military vehicle,...

Delta Lehavot detail


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MINEShield - The ultimate fire protection solutions for the harsh conditions of mining applicationsWhen you combine 24/7 heavy-duty non-stop working w...