Residential Fire Safety

Residential Fire Safety & Domestic Fire Protection

Residential Fire Safety products help to ensure better fire protection in the home, especially in the kitchen where most house fires start. Stove and oven alarms which trigger when they detect too much heat from a cooker are some examples of reducing the risk of fire. Residential fire safety specialises in protecting our homes from the hazards of fires starting with products that alert us, whilst others are designed to hault the spread of fire.

Fire Alarm systems for residential buildings, whether in a single house or an apartment block, integrate and cover safety managment for the entire building. Residential fire alarm systems have circuits which connect to each room or apartment, and this means that management of the system can be done in one place, with one control panel. Despite strong recommendation to put an alarm in all rooms of a home, many people choose just one central area plus the kitchen to place a smoke alarm due to inconvenience at placing them in every room. An integrated alarm system is a solution.

Kitchen Fire Safety products are fundamental to the fire protection of any household, since most house fires start in the kitchen, normally due to old, faulty or poorly used cooking equipment. However, any electrical equipment can be a potential fire hazard, not just ones which give off heat and flames. Kitchen heat sensor alarms and special guards for cookers should be used in any safety conscious household. Not only do they go a long way to reduce the fire hazard whilst cooking, but they encourage people to use equipment more responsibly and so prolonging the life of the appliance.