Kitchen Fire Safety

Cooking Safety & Kitchen Fire Safety

Kitchen Fire Safety products are fundamental to the fire protection of any household, since most house fires start in the kitchen, normally due to old, faulty or poorly used cooking equipment. However, any electrical equipment can be a potential fire hazard, not just ones which give off heat and flames. Kitchen heat sensor alarms and special guards for cookers should be used in any safety conscious household. Not only do they go a long way to reduce the fire hazard whilst cooking, but they encourage people to use equipment more responsibly and so prolonging the life of the appliance.



Lehavot Production and Protection Ltd

KITCHENShield - State-of-the-art fire protection for industrial kitchens The KITCHENShield is an automatic, pre-engineered WCK kitchen fire suppressio...

Innohome Stove Guard SGK100

Stove Guard SGK100

Innohome Ltd

The Stove Guard SGK100 is an all-encompassing fire protection from a simple plug and socket. A Stove Guard for electric cookers/hobs that connect via ...

Innohome SSC100 UK black

Fire Safety Socket SSC100

Innohome Ltd

The Fire Safety Socket SSC100 is a multi-function fire safety device and a highly effective way for improving home safety. Fire guard for electrical a...

Stove Alarm SA101

Stove Alarm

Innohome Ltd

Innohome Stove Alarm effectively alerts the user before a fire can startThe kitchen is the one area in the home that is most at risk of a fire and - d...

Stove Guard SGK500

Stove Guard

Innohome Ltd

Prevent cooker fires with Innohome’s Stove GuardThe Stove Guard, by Innohome, is the perfect fire safety device for every home. It protects the area...