SIL Fire Systems

SIL Fire Systems are a type of equipment that execute Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF). This safety mechanism is measured to give an SIL (Safety Instrumented Level).

These are measures in place that are designed to prevent dangerous failures or control them when they arise. An example of a way to obtain the SIL of a system would be: Guaranteeing the robustness of the design by measurements allowing the systematic fault tolerances (diagnostics, access control, environment, etc.).

SIL products include VDD Valves, Double Coil SOV’s and SIL Monitors.

During system design, all constituents of the SIS must be addressed, especially the final control element. In a control valve, this consists of the valve and actuator, and any instrument and other accessories that can affect the valve’s movement. Any component of the final control element that can affect the safety function must be considered in the safety analysis.