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AGC Flat Glass

  • Avenue Jean Monnet 4, 1348 Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium


AGC Glass Europe produces, processes and distributes flat glass for the building industry (external glazing and interior decorative glass), the automotive industry (OEM and replacement glass) and various other sectors (transport, solar power and high-tech applications)

AGC are constantly in search of innovation, not only in technology but also in the materials and services we offer. This quest is pursued from the customer’s point of view, in anticipation of changes in society and in the markets on which we operate. It leads to the creation of value as the correct response to our customers’ expectations. It is inevitably accompanied by a constant striving for efficiency and quality in our operations, all aimed at operational excellence.

AGC seek to contribute to sustainable development, thanks to the energy savings afforded by our products. But also by means of our innovative technology aimed at limiting the environmental impact of our industrial activities. In parallel we strive to maintain and even improve the health and safety conditions at work.

Laminated or toughened safety glass guards against injury and protects property against vandalism or break-in. Fire-resistant glass protects against fire by reducing or even entirely blocking heat radiation for anything from 30 to 120 minutes, depending on its composition. Acoustic insulation glass protects against external noise nuisance and contributes towards the health and peace of mind of the building occupants. Antibacterial glass for its part affords remarkable performance for better hygiene in public premises (hotels, hospitals etc.). Finally, anti-UV glass helps to prevent skin damage.

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