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Alfamax was established in 1989 and until today with “The principle of Priority is Quality and Customer Satisfaction” motto continued to grow.

We are committed as employees of the company Alpha electronic equipment, depending on the program, aware of the responsibilities, at all levels, with advanced technology and equipment of excitement and the peaceful, disciplined in a working environment by offering the highest quality products and service, and earn customer’s trust and respect of customers through the effective use of all assets the unconditional happiness that is based on a company.

Some of our Products

I-1000 Intelligent Fire Alarm Panel

With it unique detection features and technologes, Alfamax intelligent Fİre Alarm Panel is the best in the market. The system is hundered percent domestic and developed by experience Alfamax reseearchers. Fire alarm panel can create network communications themselves and collate information sent from site detectors. All gathering information can be monitored by repeater panels and graphicial user interface from PC software.
I-1000-1 Standard 1 loop Addressable Fire Alarm Panel is an ergonomic and easy to use equipment which 250 detectors can be connected at each of its loop and the loop number can be extended up to 4 by adding loop cards. It is interoperable with Alfamax SenseAction addressable detectors, call points, sounders and other fire components. Panel is manufactured according to comply EN54-2/4 standards. Event reports can be printed with the printer on it. The panel can be set, loaded scenary and can monitor the devices connected with the help of ALFAMAX SenseAction program. It is available for use in banks, stores, governmental buildings, hospitals, malls, factories, etc. With its excellent properties, elegant and endurant chasis.

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