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The evacuation specialist Escape Mobility Company (formerly Van Leeuwen Companies) has been offering solutions in Europe for evacuating persons from buildings since 1987.

As a result of further development of evacuation chairs, in 2006 saw the introduction of the Escape-Chair® and later the Escape-Carry Chair® (an evacuation and carrying chair). These are now supplied in various models. These products were followed by the Escape-Mattress®, the Evacuationsheet and in 2012 by the Escape-Mattress® Healthcare. These products are suitable for the healthcare sector, among other applications.

The Escape Mobility evacuation chair is classified within the EU as a ‘medical device’ and therefore must conform to the provisions of the Medical Devices Directive, 93/42/EEC (2002) which requires all such devices to carry the CE mark. All of our evac chairs and evacuation mattresses are produced in Europe, designed with the user, the evacuee and others who may be in the vicinity in mind.

Would you risk it?

For many in the UK, having an evac chair may ‘tick a box’ for a health and safety requirement, but for us, it is about genuinely providing the safest option for you to ensure every single person can get outside your building in an emergency evacuation situation.
It is our mission to provide UK businesses with high quality evacuation products, not sub standard products – as we believe that health and safety should be a priority, not an afterthought.

The Escape Mobility safety circle

Follow the Escape Mobility Safety Circle to build the perfect evacuation plan. It shows what is needed to ensure the safe evacuation of people from your buildings. It is vital get your evacuation planning right – read our step-by-step guide to learn more about the processes and stages which must be taken to ensure a safe evacuation of people in your buildings.

Escape specialists have the experience and expertise to provide Total Emergency Evacuation Management Solutions (TEEMS). Our customer focused team are always happy to accommodate and support in the supply of evacuation products, installation, maintenance and evacuation chair training.


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