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Balanced Pressure Foam Proportioners

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Delta Fire manufactures and supplies four patterns of the DBPP series Foam Proportioners within their fixed foam equipment range. The Balanced Pressure Foam Proportioners are designed to introduce the correct percentage of foam concentrate for fixed foam systems at pre-set rates, namely 1%, 2% 3% or 6% into the fire-water supply over a varying range of foam solution demands.

The DBPP range is ideal when a number of discharge outlets are required either individually or simultaneously. The DBPP introduces the foam into the water supply with very little pressure loss and fits between standard ANSI RF Flanges. Typical applications include flammable liquid storage tanks, fuel loading racks, aircraft hangers and heliports and anywhere flammable liquids are used, stored, processed or transported.

There are four basic models in Delta’s fixed foam equipment range with flow capacities from 220 litres per minute to 20,000 litres per minute.

In order to ensure accurate proportioning the foam concentrate must be supplied to the unit at exactly the same pressure as determined at the inlet. This can be achieved by using the proportioner in conjunction with either the Delta Balance Valve or a Delta Bag Tank Module (it is imperative that it is stated which is to be used at time of order).

The Delta Balanced Pressure Foam Proportioners are sold under an ISO 9001 Quality Management System ensuring consistency of production and are thoroughly inspected for manufacturing faults prior to dispatch.

The DBPP series have a bronze body and 316 stainless steel jet, foam flow orifice and retaining ring.

When ordering the DBPP it is essential that the following information is provided to ensure the correct product is supplied:

1. Proportioner size and design flow rate.

2. Type of Foam Concentrate to be used.

3. Percentage proportioning required (1%, 2%, 3& or 6%)

4. If a Delta Foam Bag Tank or Pressure Balancing Valve is to be used in conjunction with the DBPP.

For further information see datasheet Balanced Pressure Foam Proportioners

Models: DBPP-3, DBPP-4, DBPP-6 & DBPP-8.

  • Balanced Pressure Foam Proportioners

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