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CCD 573X Combined Detector

Securiton AG

Combined smoke, heat and CO detector: CCD 573X Combined Detector

A triple sense for fire hazards: CO detectors

Conventional combined fire detectors combine smoke and temperature detection. Securiton has gone one step further, launching the first ever norm-tested and approved combined CO detector, the CCD 573X. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a treacherous gas that is also formed during the incomplete combustion of substances containing carbon. It is colourless, odourless and tasteless, three reasons why it goes unnoticed when you’re asleep, creating a deadly, toxic poison. With the combined CO detector CCD 573X from Securiton, that risk can now be averted.

Pre-alarm in the event of high CO concentration levels

The new fire detector monitors the temperature and smoke development on any premises – as well as the CO concentration. This triple sensor technology helps protect people reliably from the dangers of asphyxiation. The instant the detector notes a high CO concentration level, it sends a technical CO pre-alarm. The benefits are immeasurable, particularly in hotels. Managers are able to respond quickly and with pin-point accuracy, without having to sound the alarm throughout the entire building. The CCD 573X automatically adjusts its sensitivity to odourless CO, to smoke and to the ambient temperature using Cubus levelling developed by Securiton. No need for extensive calibration work.

Protected against false alarms – and standards compliant

The CCD 573X simply ignores disruptive such as dust, water vapour and steam, thus preventing false alarms. It spots any internal soiling using permanent self-test routines and automatically adjusts its alarm thresholds. The CCD 573X is the first combined CO detector on the market to comply with the requirements of the relevant standard EN 54-5/7/26/29/30. The combined detector range from Securiton is rounded off with the MCD 573X temperature-aided smoke detector.

  • CCD 573X Combined Detector

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