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CO2 Safety Interlock System

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Interlock system

To allow for the implementation of a safe to entry procedure for the environments protected with a CO2 fire protection system it is possible to install CO2 Safety Interlock System manufactured in order to fulfil the requirements of NFPA 12 A.

The system is made of a status panel, one or more lock out valves for the mechanical isolation of the CO2 flow and one or more door interlocks to be applied on the doors of the protected environments.

On the status panel a safety key distributor is installed in order to release the lock out key only after having received an authorisation key.

LEDs installed on the panel inform the operator about the safety condition for entering the environment: CO2 ACTIVE or inhibit SAFE TO ENTER. The panel also allows for repeat signalling and communicates with third party systems (Via Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet, GSM, Wi-Fi or Hardwired).

All the entrance doors are to be equipped with a safety interlock which allows for the opening of the door only after the CO2 lock out valve is locked closed.


The operator receives the first key from the responsible person on duty and directs themselves toward the status panel where the key is inserted and rotated. Once the first key is locked in, the second key is released and the operator can go to the lock out valve where the second key is used to unlock and close the CO2 lock out valve.

At this point the operator can lock the CO2 Valve Closed and extract the third key which inhibits the CO2 system and allows the operator to enter the protected zone safely.

The operator can now direct themselves towards the door where they will use the third key to unlock and extract the forth key which will be kept with him during his stay in the protected room and that will be used to initiate the system restore procedure.

  • CO2 Safety Interlock System
  • CO2 Safety Interlock System

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