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Launched in 2016 the Compact 500 is a VACIE system is a unique ‘all in one’, wall mounted solution that breaks the mould of traditional VA systems.

It’s based on a powerful distributed boxed-amplifier concept, which integrates cutting-edge digital audio-distribution technology. It comprises a series of compact self-contained wall- mounted control and indicating voice-alarm panels.
The Compact 500 cleverly provides all the simplicity of a stand-alone traditional system whilst offering all the advanced benefits of Global Network Topology.

Offering a solution that meets a growing demand – being easy to operate, easy to install and infinitely configurable, and appeals to the end user; the installer; architects and electrical contractors.

Despite its lean and compact footprint the Compact 500 is packed with features that makes it an extremely advanced and flexible system.
At the heart of each unit is its powerful DA200 Class D amplifier. Highly efficient and robust it features a ‘Sleep-mode’ that ensures its overall power consumption is the lowest in its sector.
Each DA200 amplifier delivers 2 x 100 Watt or can be linked into 1 x 200 Watt ‘bridge mode’ offering return-loop zone methods using 4EVAC’s Loopdrive, or with the Compact 500’s SW8 Switching module. There’s default PSE and battery charging capacity to serve a maximum 600Watt loudspeaker load.

The Compact 500 offers a single box solution that maximizes your cost efficiency, without compromising on quality and seamless integration.

The Compact 500 Networked VACIE solution is based on distributed boxed-amplifiers concept. This cutting-edge of digital audio-distribution technology, represents a variety of compact self-contained wall-mounted Control and Indicating Voice-Alarm panels, creating a flexible and still simple to control distributed VACIE concept.

The Compact 500 is a thoroughly ‘system-in-a–box’ concept which offers the simplicity of a stand-alone conventional system and the benefits of global Network topology.

Sophisticated Audio/Voice Evacuation

Designed to meet from the basic normative requirements up to most demanding needs of engineers, facility managers, building owners and electrical contractors. 4EVAC range of products builds upon the field-proven design culture of experts in the fire-safety and voice-alarm market.

The Compact 500 drives 2 ‘live-stream’ audio channels and one serial data channel (RS485) over a redundant Global-Network-Loop into global zones and operates a 6-channel message players that send synchronized audio into the local zones. This way each Compact 500 has the ability to generate 6 differents audio-streams playing into the local zones simultaneously.

Each unit contains the necessary routing to serve up to 6 single zones of 6 x 70 W with additional active back-up amplifier. With a maximum of 255 boxed-VACIE panels in a Global Network, each serving 6-zones, a single installation can reach over 1500 speaker lines, cumulated into multiple paging zones within an architecture of 256 priorities.

The Compact 500 is equipped with a wide range of pre- and post-processing software modules such as volume controllers, routing, mixing, switching and prioritizing. Processing components as; equalisers, limiters and delay-lines make COMPACT 500 fit for the job.

The integrated local Message storage modules (WAV-format), with a total storage capacity of 16 audio files, can be distributed simultaneously over the 6 local output lines serving phased-evacuation. The status of the digital audio message storage and of the messages themselves are monitored.

All message-storage modules are synchronised between multiple COMPACT 500 output lines for synchronized large area incident warning.

  • Compact 500
  • Compact 500
  • Compact 500

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