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Hose Reels – Fixed, Swinging, Manual and Automatic.

Delta Fire hose reels are manufactured and approved to British Standards (European Standard) BS EN 671-1. Compliance to this very stringent standard ensures excellent durability and performance at all times.

Delta’s Hose Reel side plates are protected with a polyester powder coating that complies to salt spray test requirements (240 hours) which is specified in ISO 9227 .

Delta Fire Hose Reels have been designed to provide a flow rate of 27 litres per minute for ¾” hose and 35 litres per minute for 1″ hose based on a 0.2 Mpa.

Delta Fire provides a complete range of hose reels to cater for every situation. These include fixed, swinging,  manual and automatic options in either ¾” or 1″ hose diameter.

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The automatic hose reels have an internal valve ‘built-in’ which opens fully after three revolutions of the hose reel as it is being pulled out by the operative. The valve will then automatically shut-off when the hose is wound back onto the reel. Delta hose reels are available with a quick installation mounting bracket which allows for complete installation by one person.

Delta Hose Reels can be purchased in two ways:

1.’Hose Reel Drum’ only which is supplied with the jet/spray nozzle and hose guide (for fixed versions only)
2.’Hose Reel Complete’ which is supplied with nozzle, hose guide and 30 metres of  tubing. The latter is dispatched with the tubing loose for ease of installation.

To complement the range of hose reels Delta Fire can supply hose reel cabinets upon request which are made to order.

A number of accessories are available for Delta Hose Reels including 30 metre coils of either ¾” or 1″ hose reel tubing, ¾” or 1″ jet & spray brass/nylon hose reel nozzles, hand-wheel operated gate valves, lock-shield type gate valves and a ½ metre length of 1″ flexible inlet tubing allowing more flexibility when installing.

Delta Fire can supply stainless steel marine grade hose reels upon request designed to combat harsh environment use and provide salt water corrosion resistance. However these are made to order and are generally on a long lead time.

  • Delta Fire Hose Reels
  • Delta Fire Hose Reels

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