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DELTA Linear Heat Detector

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DELTA Linear Heat Detector – Flexible, robust, super-fast fire and heat detection

The DELTA Linear Heat Detector is a paradigm shift in fire and heat detection. Its linear stainless steel detection tube utilizes state-of-the-art pneumatic and electronic technologies to sensitively analyze the Rate of temperature Rise (RoR), providing real-time and reliable alerts to fire or overheating. The patented DELTA is easily installed in large areas or confined spaces, always providing optimal detection coverage. The DELTA’s predefined thresholds can be configured to fit the needs of the most diverse monitoring environments.

Benefits a wide range of applications

The DELTA Linear Heat Detector is suitable for a wide range of commercial and military applications such as:

Automotive: Trains, buses (BUSShield), off-road vehicles

Military vehicles (DEFENSEShield): Ground or Naval

Mining’s toughest applications, including conveyor belts and heavy-duty vehicles (MINEShield)

Power station transformers & generator rooms

RIM SEAL floating roof tank protection

and more

The key DELTA Linear Heat Detector benefits are:

Super-fast detection: Detects out-of-range temperature fluctuations in less than 1 second

Distant sensing: Identifies overheating or fire at a considerable distance from the sensor tubing

Robust & durable: Tolerates grime, dirt and other harsh conditions

Reliable performance: Built-in-Test capability alerts to degraded performance

Cost-effective: Replaces multiple detectors and separate control unit, low maintenance, low power consumption

Network operation capability: up to 50 detectors can be connected via an RS485 interface to a detection network controlled by the Control and Command Unit and a dedicated PC application

Optimal coverage, adjustable and accurate control

The stainless steel linear sensor tubing is easily installed to provide optimal coverage of both large areas and confined spaces.

The DELTA is a RoR detector that responds with high accuracy and sensitivity to temperatures that exceed a predetermined rate, irrespective of the starting temperature.

The DELTA is calibrated according to the monitored zone’s environmental conditions and internal thresholds are configured to drive a “Fire Alarm”.

Fire events, faults and signal peaks are stored in non-volatile memory and can be downloaded at any time through a USB interface.

Delta AVI

The lightweight, compact, and user-friendly Delta – AVI combines the DELTA detector with audiovisual indications, providing a complete detection, alarm and activation solution in one unit. The built-in visual and audio alerts include: Fire Indication / Fault Indication / Power Indication.

Quality you can trust

The DELTA is certified to the following civilian and military standards:

•    IS0 9001:2008 – Quality assurance certification
•    FM 3210
•    EN54
•    MIL-STD 810 – For environmental conditions
•    MIL-STD 461 – For electromagnetic compatibility
•    MIL-STD 1275 – For Characteristics of 28V DC electrical systems in military vehicles

For detailed DELTA specifications, click here.

  • DELTA Linear Heat Detector
  • DELTA Linear Heat Detector

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