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The Double Coil SOV is ab electric actuator for Carbon Dioxide, Inerts, Halocarbons and Water Mist Fire Extingushing Systems.

All Gas based fire extingushing systems are made of cylinders or containers ready to be discharged to the protected area. On a similar principle, water mist systems are made of a series of water cylinders propelled by a nitrogen reserve contained in a pilot cylinder.

Normally Double Coil SOV Systems. systems are composed of a series of sensors, a logic controller and a final element, which is often represented by a pilot cylinder. When such systems are called for duty a missed activation of the pilot cylinder can lead to an unacceptable consequential scenario. SA pilot actuators have been developed for sensibly reducing the probability of such failures, increasing the Safety Availability of the fire extinguishing system. They have been validated by BV as suitable for safety instrumented systems with an expected SIL2 level.


The redundancy of the double-coil electric actuator increases the reliability of the overall pilot cylinder. The actuator has two coils which receive two independent signals from the logic controller (F&G). If one coil should fail, the other coil is able to open the cylinder valve.

Such solution has been implemented to cover all those fire hazards which require an increased reliability for the fire extinguishing system and, therefore, a safety function with an expected SIL2 level.


The double-coil actuator is designed for those systems which require:

1) A low probability of failure on demand;
2) A safety instrumented system with a gaseous based fire protection system as final element, capable of being integrated into SIL2 systems;
3) The combination of a high safety integrity level with low dimensions and weight.

The double-coil electric actuator is specifically designed for the protection of gas turbines and their generators, critical IT server farms, electronic rooms governing industrial processes, and all general purpose installations on off-shore platforms or FPSO, where generally a fire brigade is not easily available to compensate a possible fire-fighting system failure.

  • Double Coil SOV

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