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Firesearch-DCP – BAVARIA Automatic Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishing unit

Direct Pressure Operated


  • Specially designed for protecting inaccessible areas or enclosures such as: vehicles, control panels, and Bavaria firesearch is an automatic fire-seeking and fire fighting unit. It consists of two firesearch flexible polymer tubes pressurized at 10 bar and connected to a dry chemical powder fire extinguisher.
  • Automatically actuated upon bursting of the tube at any point along its length due to temperature rise up-to 100°C (212°F).
  • Drop of tube pressure in the direct firesearch system discharges the powder directly from the burst hole in the tube at the closest point to the fire, which allows the fastest extinguishing time and minimum spread of the fire
  • Ideal for any application where a potential fire risk is present within an enclosed or confined space by extinguishing fire at its very incipient stage with minimal damage.
  • firesearch automatic fire extinguishers do not need any external source of energy or electric supply.
  • Cost effective as no electrical installation or wiring is required
  • Can be interfaced with an alarm device or system.


  • Full chrome-plated brass valve and internal parts for longer serviceability, with two firesearch tubes outlets.
  • Equipped with a pressure gauge for instant pressure indication
  • Electricity and corrosion-proof protective base
  • High quality surface treatment and red polyester coating
  • Supplied with a special hanging wall bracket
  • Affords highest extinguishing efficiency due to its special multipurpose BAVARIA dry chemical powder (ABC )
  • Firesearch-DCP

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